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The Woman Unstuck

Apr 28, 2020

Today I am chatting with Sheri Engstrom on how she bounced back from divorce and a heart attack in her 40's. Sheri shares with us how she got out of her own way and how you can too! 

Sheri began her passion for fitness in high school as a group instructor and personal trainer. She is a born competitor and keeps her fitness on point by keeping challenges and goals in front of her. She has trained for a Reebok fitness competition, competed in the Miss Galaxy, and in her 40’s has won NPC (National Physique Committee) overall titles as a bikini competitor as well as came in 2nd place at the Master Nationals show summer of 2017. In addition to fitness competitions, she was Mrs. Colorado in 2004 winning the “best in interview” and “best in physical fitness” awards.

She put her fitness career on pause to raise her 5 children but dove back into the fitness industry eight years ago as a health coach. Her outlook on how to care for her health and how she coaches her clients took on a different perspective in December of 2014 when a blocked artery was found in her heart and had to have two stents put in. It caused her to take a long hard look at the root cause and how stress affects our health. She now works with clients around ways to care for your heart health physically, spiritually, relationally, and mentally. She helps them focus on their relationship with food, how their mindset may be hindering them from their wellness and life goals, and creating fitness and nutrition programs customized to client’s individual needs. She works strongly around how to create balance in all four chambers of our lives so they beat in unison in order to have a life that is truly strong, empowered, and fit. Most recently she enlarged her business by becoming a Realtor and can help expand her passion of creating not only healthy bodies but healthy homes.

She is best known by her clients as someone who listens well, challenges them in body, mind, and soul, and connects with them at a level that is deeper than just the muscles you build. She aims to help her clients develop the physical strength they need to compete as a weekend warrior, drop a few pounds, or create a healthy lifestyle. As your physical strength grows it also transfers to strength in all areas of your life. She is a Realtor, certified personal trainer, corporate wellness coach, health coach, fitness nutrition specialist and soon to be Robbins/Madanes Life Coach.

To learn more about Sheri please visit her website below.