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The Woman Unstuck

Feb 25, 2020

I am honored I got to chat with Brooke Berndt today. You guys, Brooke is a beautiful soul! And if you haven't checked her out on social media yet, YOU MUST! Here links are below

Brooke Is a former Bar owner who stumbled across network marketing and saw an opportunity to serve, mentor, inspire and change her financial blueprint after almost going bankrupt after losing her family business.  She has since then created three 6 figure earners, unlocked a 6 figure income, and has over 9,000 product users in her business organization. Brooke is also a fertility advocate who ministers women going through infertility challenges and also helps families fund their IVF with her online business. She is an IVF warrior who just recently went through egg donor IVF and is now pregnant at 45. Brooke lives in Parker, Colorado with her husband Kenny.

To learn more about Brooke and how she can help you with your financial or IVF journey follow her on Instagram!